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Insulating Glass Line adopts the most advanced IG manufacture technology and craft in the world. It has all functions of inner-panel assembly, out-panel assembly and stepped glass process. This production line can process same edge glass, stepped glass, and double insulating glass and three...


Insulating Glass Line adopts the most advanced IG manufacture technology and craft in the world. It has all functions of inner-panel assembly, out-panel assembly and stepped glass process. This production line can process same edge glass, stepped glass, and double insulating glass and three layers glass with high efficiency..


Specification and features:

Total Power: 13.5K

Glass Processing Size: 280*400 to 1800*2300 mm

Glass Thickness: 3-10mm

Working Speed: 4-45m/min

Total Weight: 3500kg

Size of Line: 16000*1250*2600 mm

Components for the insulating glass line



Section of Flat Press:                                                             

Italy Technical level of Production ,Installation and Mechanical.Japanese Panasonic transducer, Taiwan Wenview monitor, Korean Autonics sensor to keep the main electric parts running more than 50,000,000 times. All transportation running in automatic ,speed up – press glass --- two or three pieces of glass or different sizes of glass .it adjust the size of different glass by frequency conversion motor motor to realize high auto and more exact running.

More practical and convenient design of pressing part about vacuum , pneumatic driving. It can deal with two or three pieces of glass and curtain walls .There is mechanical position & adsorption device system from Taiwan to make it pressing on right position avoid displacement.

Reasonable hollow glass pressing process to keep all roller got much more longer life also avoid to break any glass.

It could increase working speed as 45m/min of glass to keep high efficiency (normally 900 pieces in 8 hours by different size insulating glass production).The frame is welding by 2.75 mm International Rectangular pipe with high strength structure.2-monitor using system-Temperature/Speed/Production volume-Mechanical trouble check-Whole line control function with 1 monitor.

It realize glass pressing automatic both outside or inside the press machine. Press glass-normal insulted glass, triple and step insulated glass (selective)and curtain wall glass and abnormity insulated glass.

Full distance automatic changeable frequency speed adjustment, which can save work waiting time and improve production efficiency.Press board can open, easy to examine an repair.

When insulating glass is pressed, the front and back part of pressing machine will up the glass with lever-type arm and hand system,(mechanical position +mobile sucking system)all this will ensure no malposition.

Section of Washing&Drying Machine:                                     

Welding by stainless steel with high strength structure ; Top ceiling of it made by 12mm Thickened stainless steel plate, the bottom is made by 5mm thick stainless steel ,the lateral is made by 2mm thick stainless steel.

There are four High temperature resistant brush with spray washing system to keep all clean process more easier , faster ,thorough and comprehensive.

All Spare parts in washing box is made by Stainless or Waterproof material to keep all section long and stable working life.The Air drying system designed by air circle with naturally aspirated to keep all process more safe and cleaning.(Automatic air system could keep 40℃ of the blowing air).

It is Key-Link style of gear transmission to keep working in high accuracy.

Inside part of wash machine, dry machine and the air dryer are both stainless steel production. It is elegant appearance and never rust. Germany Imported Brush, got High temperature, anti-static function.

Detail parts for insulating line:

insulating part1.jpginsulating parts3.jpg

insulating parts2.jpginsulating parts4.jpg

insulating parts5.jpginsulating5.jpg


1.Question:  Are you a manufacturer? 

Answer: Yes,we are the professional insulating glass processing machines manufacturer, which has 16 years history since 2001.

2.Question: How about the service ?

Answer: 1).Reply it at once in WhatsAPP, if by email,it will be reply within 12 hours.

2).18 hours for after-sale serive

4).more than 15 years experience in this kind machine field

5).fluent english ,communication barrier free. Point-to-point service help you solve the problems timely 

3.Question:  What’s the guarantee ?

Answer: 1). Our guarantee for 18 months

2). 18 hours’ technical support by email, video or calling

3). English manual and video tutorial

4). 24 hours on line service each day, free professional technical support.

4.Question: Do you provide equipment operation training?

Answer: Yes. We can will send one or two professional technicians (one is electrical engineer, one is mechanical engineer) to install and adjust the machines and help train the workers.

5.Question:Why your price isn't the lowest price compared with others company or factories ?


 1) We are a innovative enterprises, not only a produce factory. We have a professional and experienced technical elite team. Every year we will apply for innovation patents for our insulating glass machine, likes auto gas filing machine, auto loading machine and etc.

 2)Compared with the same level brand, we have the same functions and components, but our price is the most competitive. At the same time, our after sales service is satisfactory. We have a good reputation in our customers. 


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