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You Have To Note Key Things Before Purchasing The Window Machines
Apr 08, 2018

1. For aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall profile end face processing; large table, a large knife stroke, to achieve multiple milling;

  2. Multi-disc cutters, adjustable position, no need to change cutters when machining multiple profiles;

  3, according to the different profiles of the end surface, can achieve multi-tool simultaneous processing, but also single-processing;

  4, through the screw converter to adjust the cutting speed, so smooth feed;

  5, a large number of tools, a wide range of processing profiles; less grouping tools, easy adjustment;

  6, can be installed into a group cutter, processing special profiles;

  7. The motor is placed on top to prevent the water mist from damaging the motor; the head support vertical plate uses heavier cast parts to effectively prevent the machine from being deformed;

  8, the pressure plate is equipped with a guide device to prevent the deflection of the profile; the profile limit plate is provided to effectively prevent the dislocation of the profile.

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