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Apr 28, 2018

 heat insulation strip automatic extruder
The utility model mainly uses the special screw to make the nylon 66 and the glass fiber obtain good plasticization, and the extrusion die is extruded into a heat insulating rubber strip which is widely applied to the doors, windows and curtain wall aluminum sheets through the different sections of the die. pellets after drying machine into the hopper into the barrel, screw and pellets contact with the rotation of the screw is forced to promote the spiral groove die direction. Because the screw barrel gap is small, the granular material is hot body under great pressure in the forward process, the temperature of the electric heating ring body is plasticizing nylon thermosol. Nylon plastic and plastic compression heating hot melt by extrusion molding, after traction, cutting or rolling process and become adiabatic adhesive tape products.

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