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Why The Motor Will Overload For Machine?
Apr 16, 2018

The general motor has a fixed operating power, called the rated power in Watts (W). If the actual power of the motor exceeds the rated power of the motor under certain conditions, this phenomenon is called motor overload.

2 Circuit Principle Editing

In the motor main circuit there is a thermal relay (overload protection), when the motor is overloaded, the thermal relay acts, the normally closed contact cuts off the control circuit, the normally open contact closes the connection indicator, after the overload is removed, the contact of the thermal relay There are two ways to reset the circuit to work: manual reset - need to press the reset button; automatic reset - remove the overload, wait a while, it will automatically return to normal after cooling.

If you are in the manual reset position, after finding the thermal relay, press the red handle above and you can hear a bang.

2.1 overload symptoms

Motor overload mainly has the following symptoms:

1. Motor heat increase;

2. The motor speed drops and may even drop to zero;

3. The motor has low sound and vibration;

4. If the load changes drastically, there will be a sudden change in the motor speed;

2.2 Cause

1. Electrical reasons: if the phase is missing, the voltage exceeds the allowable value, etc.;

2 mechanical reasons: such as excessive torque, motor damage (bearing vibration), etc

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