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What Kind Of Milling Machine Need For PVC Windows
May 08, 2018

A copy milling machine

Copy milling machine is used for profile milling of all kinds of slot holes in plastic steel doors and windows, such as drainage grooves, pulley grooves, and keyholes. According to the structural characteristics of plastic steel door and window equipment, it is divided into a single head copying machine and a double head copying machine.

1. Single head copy milling machine

The single-head copying machine is a copy milling head with only one profile milling machine that completes one slot milling at a time.

2. Double copy milling machine

The double-head profile milling machine has two profile milling heads, one clamping can realize the profile milling machine in both vertical and horizontal directions.

Second, sink milling machine

Sink milling machine is a plastic steel door and window frame, under the fan material drainage requirements profile drainage groove and profile pressure balance hole milling special steel doors and windows equipment.

1, according to structure classification

(1) Single-axis sink milling machine. There is only one sink milling machine that can be tilted in the range of 0° to 45°.

(2) Two-axis sink milling machine. With two milling heads up and down, one-clamp milling machine that can realize milling in two directions.

(3) Three-axis sink milling machine. There are three heads and the upper head cutters can be combined with the lower head cutters or the horizontal head cutters in combination with the sink milling machine.

(4) Four-axis sink milling machine. There is a sink milling machine with four heads (ie, a total of four milling cutters) with two milling heads on top, two heads on the bottom, and one head in the horizontal direction.

2. Classified by function

(1) Automatic sink milling machine. Automatic milling machine for sink milling.

(2) Ordinary sink milling machine. Sink mills that require manual feed and feed movement.

Three, face milling machine

For the face milling of plastic jaws and window joints, different profiles can be milled by changing different tools.

Fourth, cover milling machine

The cover milling machine is used for the milling of the cover groove with both ends of the plastic sliding window cover and the upper glide path. The different profile systems are matched with corresponding forming tools and corresponding guide troughs.

V. Key slot machine

This machine is a special plastic steel door and window equipment for processing the mounting slots of hardware accessories for plastic steel doors and windows. One clamping can complete the contour milling of three Kong De drilling and vertical oblong holes in the horizontal direction.

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