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What Causes The Window To Fog
Apr 05, 2018

1. The sealant is not tight: If the phenomenon of double-layer glass fogging caused by the sealant not being tightly sealed, the sealant on the double glass can be removed with a tool, and the glass window can be cleaned again to be dry. After the glass sealant coating process.

2, the location of the sink: If the double glazing sink is not installed, you must remove the double glazing and reinstall it.

3. If the spacers in the double glass are installed, glass spacers can be added to the double glass windows. The original septum is removed and the septum is reinstalled. It should be noted that the position of the septum is to be kept at a certain distance from the rim of the glazing, typically 2mm. And when installing the windows, be careful not to get water on the septum, so as not to affect its installation quality.

Without any extra cost, the following methods can alleviate the phenomenon of glass condensation:

1. The proper ventilation of the windows every day can reduce the humidity of the air, drain off the moisture generated during the day's activities, and the dewdrops of the glassy knot can also be properly dried.

2, equipped with exhaust fan space, can be appropriate to open the fan, can reduce or eliminate the problem of dew exposure.

3, if you feel that the window is cold and ventilated, you must always use a rag to wipe off the dew on the glass to prevent condensation and water flow, flow to the window sill, the ground, damaged interior decoration.

4, anti-fog film on the glass, Xiao Bian had tried anti-fog film on the glass mirror in the bathroom, found that the mirror is not very likely to cause water fog and lead to unclear, although a little increase in overhead, may wish to try.

Even with energy-saving windows that have the lowest possible condensation, their decontamination resistance rate is dependent on the relative humidity in the room. If the relative humidity exceeds 40%, it is even better if the outdoor temperature is -20°C or colder. High-performance glass will also dew.

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