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Something About Silicone Seal
Apr 23, 2018

Silicone Seal, Silicone Crash Bar, Silicone Profile Bar, high transparent silicone tube, high tensile silicone tube, high tear resistant silicone tube, silicone braided tube, silicone tube (bar), gear Silicone tube, water dispenser silicone tube, sealant strips, door and window seals, silicone bumper strips, profile strips, food grade (non-toxic) silicone tube (strips), medical silicone tube, medical silicone ring, medicinal silicone tube, Medical silicone fittings, silicone sealing tube silicone tube series, flame-retardant tube (Article), silicone foam tube (Article), high temperature silicone tube;

Performance: cold and high temperature resistance. Harmless, non-toxic and tasteless;

Applicable to: small household appliances (coffee pots, kettles, irons, rice cookers, frying pans, disinfection cabinet drinking fountains, fruit pulp machine, bread machine, water heaters, etc.) and electronic, automotive, medical and other mechanical products supporting.

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