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Shenzhen P-luck Machinery Tells Differences Between 60series And 70series Windows
Apr 05, 2018

1, the material difference: 70 series of profile width is 7 cm, and 60 series of material width is 6 cm, do not underestimate this centimeter, the material price is very different, and the hardness of the material is not the same wall thickness.

2, wall thickness difference: Broken Bridge aluminum 70 series uses a wall thickness of 1.8MM aluminum, while the 60 series uses a wall thickness of 1.4MM aluminum, although only a difference of 0.4MM, then calculated to a material, a Tons of materials are a few thousand dollars apart.

3, seal difference: Broken bridge aluminum 70 series uses ten seal design, and 60 series are generally three seals or six seals.

4, glass is different: broken bridge aluminum 70 series comes standard with 5 +22 +5 hollow glass, and 60 series of standard 5 +15 +5 hollow glass, both on the sound insulation on the 70 series than the 6 series Soundproof.

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