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PVC Window Machine One Head Welding Machine
May 17, 2018

1).This machine is used for welding  PVC/UPVC/Plastic/Vinyl window door profile. With programming control and pneumatic driving systems, it has the features of high reliability, large processing range and easy operation.
2).This machine can weld about 80pieces windows per day in 8 working hours, if your production plan is more than 80 pieces windows doors, you can consider to buy two head welding machine, three head welding machine or four head welding machine, if very very large, you can consider to buy the CNC vertical type four corner welding machine.
3).About this welding machine, if your proifle height is higher than the common proifle height, you can tell us, then we can make the machine specially for you accoridng to your true proifle max.height, so that can make sure the welding machine can clamp and hold your profile exactly then make welding.
3).This machine, it is our common welding machine, if your profile is Europe profile, it is no problem, if your profile is America type profile,it needs to make backup moulds according to the profile sample, so if it is America type profile, it needs customer post the profile sample to us,then we make the moulds according to the sample.
4).If you profile thickness(height) is higher than 110mm, and also want to use this common welding machine, we can make the welding head higher with some device,but it needs to customer pay some extra charge about this.

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