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P-luck Machinery Tells To Select What Kinds Of Window Under Circumstances
Apr 05, 2018

The safety of tempered glass is good, broken glass will become granular and connected together, will not hurt people, hollow glass insulation effect is good.

All the tempered glass now has the CCC logo. In the corner below the window, general tempered glass needs to be charged.

If it is high-rise or floor-to-ceiling windows, or if the width of single-sided glass exceeds 3m2, it is recommended that the innermost side be replaced with tempered glass.

For safety, try to temper the windows larger than 1.5m2.

If you choose hollow glass, in order to achieve the insulation effect is generally selected 12mm and above hollow thickness, both sides of the glass should reach 4 ~ 5mm thickness.

The recommended 5mm+12mmA+5mm for the double layer, and 5mm+6mmA+5mm+6mmA+5mm for the three layers, where A indicates the intermediate air layer and the other indicates the glass thickness. (Specific choice of what type of insulating glass is determined by the profile series and the middle of the profile)

After the glass is coated, it can be seen from the inside, the outside can not be seen inside, and it is also protected against ultraviolet rays, which requires extra money.

If the merchant can not do low-e film, try not to film, other coatings are very much affect the indoor light.

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