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Meteorological Factors Leading To The Corrosion Of Windows Equipment
Apr 10, 2018

Meteorological Factors Leading to the Corrosion of Windows Equipment


Broken aluminum windows and doors sometimes corrosion, this time we need to pay attention to some of the meteorological factors of corrosion, what are the main, Xiaobian take everyone to see.

1, air pollution

Under normal circumstances, there are few corrosive mediums in the air, and only the corrosion of the metal to oxygen is regular. (On the weekdays, the aluminum alloy door and window equipment and the broken aluminum window and door equipment are oxidized to achieve the aging treatment effect.) However, with the continuous development of industrial enterprises in various countries, harmful gases and dust in the air have also increased significantly, such as coal, kerosene, and diesel, which generate carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide. There is also a large amount of dust, such as smoke, coal ash, chlorides and other acids, alkalis, salt particles, etc., which are also scattered into the atmosphere, and some of them are corrosive, and some of them are corroded in the water droplets.

2, temperature

In high temperature and high humidity, the increase in temperature accelerates corrosion. When temperature changes suddenly drop from high temperature, the condensation of water vapor in the atmosphere can form a film, which can also accelerate the corrosion process. The longer the wet time, the more severe the corrosion. Generally speaking, the temperature difference between day and night is greater than 6°C. When the temperature changes within the range of 5°C to 50°C, as long as the relative humidity reaches 65% to 75%, fogging will occur.

3, humidity

Since the condensation of water in the air into a liquid water film is a necessary condition for the formation of an etched primary battery, the humidity of the air is the main factor. When the humidity reaches a certain critical value, a water film forms on the surface, and the corrosion speed increases.

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