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Installation For The High Pressure Solenoid Valve
Apr 18, 2018

High pressure solenoid valve installation should pay attention to the following points:

1, before installation should refer to the product manual, whether it meets your requirements.

2, the tube should be washed before use, dirty media should be installed filters to prevent impurities interfere with the normal working solenoid valve.

3, after a long period of time after the suspension of high pressure electro-valve washing, it should be cleared after use; when based on the order of the parts, in order to return it is easy to install.

4, solenoid valve is usually one-way work, can not be reversed, the arrow of the valve fluid flow direction is consistent.

5, solenoid valve instead of ice should be heated, or a set of insulation measures.

6, the general body level, coil vertical, some products can be any installation, but when conditions permit, the best is vertical, in order to increase the service life.

7, after the valve electric device coil wire connection, you should confirm whether it is firm, add electronic components should not shake, loose will cause the solenoid valve does not work. Continuously produced solenoid valves are best bypassed and easy to maintain without affecting production.

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