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How To Make Chip Holes For Punching Tooling
May 04, 2018

Blanking punching die has a variety of structural designs, and one of them can be selected as needed. The simplest is to separate punching and blanking into two sets of molds; the advantages are simple mold structure, easy processing, and easy maintenance. The disadvantage is that two punch presses are required, and the precision is not high; Into the mold structure, punching, blanking completed in a set of molds, generally punching first, and then blanking, the structure of the structure than the previous mold to be more complex; another is the structure of the composite mold, Blanking punching is completed at one time; the structure of the composite mold is the most complex among these different types of molds, but the accuracy is the best, but the stamping efficiency is the lowest.

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