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Guangdong Window & Door Machinery Are Taking Up More And More Market Inchina
Apr 23, 2018

The old Jinan people may still remember that in the early 1990s, there were advertisements for plastic steel door and window processing equipment everywhere in the railway station... Jinan was honored as the hometown of door and window processing equipment and the only “China Window and Door Curtain Wall Processing Equipment Production Base”. However, an unavoidable fact is that although there are many manufacturers of door and window processing equipment, they are faced with the problem of small companies and imitations. With the expansion of manufacturers in Guangdong and foreign countries, the status of the “big boss” in the industry in Jinan is in jeopardy.

[Current situation] "Jinan" accounted for more than half of the domestic market

There is an argument that more than 70% of the world's door and window processing equipment comes from China, and over 80% of China's products come from Jinan. In order to verify its authenticity, the reporter recently conducted many interviews.

“As far as Jinan's door and window processing equipment market is concerned, it is exaggerated.” Zhou Qian, general manager of Tianchen Machinery, said that Jinan is still the only “China's door and window curtain wall processing equipment certified by an authoritative department”. Production base, but the domestic market share is only 50% or more. According to him, now there are seventy to eighty door and window equipment manufacturers in Jinan, and many are small workshops with only one to twenty people. There is neither a product R&D department nor a processing base, and many rely on foundry companies to process “shanzhai products. "Sales for life. At present, Jinan can only afford the boss in terms of quantity.

According to Jinan City Economic and Information Commission, Jinan has advantages in door and window processing equipment. There are many related production companies, and there are also world-renowned companies like Tianchen, but more are small-scale enterprises. The real main business revenue is over RMB 100 million. Only three or four.

[Previous] The logistics port cargo yard is full of doors and windows processing equipment

“In the 90s of last century, Jinan was the industry leader without doubt.” Zhou Qian has been engaged in the production of door and window processing equipment for more than ten years in Jinan. He remembered the past and his face was full of pride. According to reports, there were as many as 100 large-scale door and window processing equipment enterprises in Jinan, and a Jinan train station. The two sides of the channel were all related corporate advertisements, and there were also many new taxi advertisements.

“In the past, Jinan Zero and Quansheng had two relatively large logistics ports. In the spring, the cargo terminal was full of door and window processing equipment.” Another person in the industry recalled that at that time, Jinan doors and windows processing equipment mainly used plastic steel door and window processing equipment. Mainly, there are hundreds of companies with a domestic market share of more than 80%. Products are exported to Germany, Belarus and many other countries.

"Profits are relatively high, but it is difficult to explain them with specific figures." Zhou Qian cited as an example that at the time, the same kind of products had been put at present, and the price had been reduced by half, still earning. At the same time, with the expansion of influence, Germany's famous profile manufacturer Vicat, hardware manufacturer Ge House and so on settled in Jinan, coupled with Jinan is also the country's "insulating glass production base", in the door and window industry's influence further expanded.

Analysing the reasons for the rise of doors and windows in Jinan, Zhou Qian said that there is an industrial base here. On the one hand, Jinan once had a company specializing in the production of door and window processing equipment. Due to the low technical barriers, many employees set up factories alone. On the other hand, Jinan is a machine tool industry production base. A large machine tool such as a machine tool and a two-machine tool brings a cluster effect, and a lot of companies that deal with door and window processing equipment companies are created. At the same time, Zhangqiu and other places also produce a large number of commonly used accessories for door and window equipment to facilitate enterprise assembly and lower costs.

[Crisis] Guangdong, foreign companies "grab the site", Jinan lack of competitive products

“From a qualitative point of view, Jinan doors and windows equipment and the international advanced level there is not a small gap.” In an interview with reporters, Zhou Qiangang from Nuremberg in Germany to participate in the door and window section return, compared to other regions, Zhou Qian think Jinan in the door and window processing equipment industry "boss" Status has been threatened.

It is understood that the window and door equipment industry experienced a turning point. Around 2003, the trend of doors and windows changed from steel profiles to aluminum profiles called bridged aluminum, and the market for door and window processing equipment changed. The status of Jinan in this industry also changed at this time.

“Many enterprises that manufacture steel-steel door and window processing equipment have begun to transition to broken-bridge aluminum doors and windows processing equipment, and some have succeeded.

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