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Aluninium Window And Door Features
May 03, 2018

Three doors and windows: wind pressure performance, water tightness, air tightness.

        The physical properties of doors and windows include air penetration, rain leakage, wind pressure resistance, thermal insulation, sound insulation, and lighting. For the latter three properties, only doors and windows that require special requirements in most areas of the country are required to be tested; the first three properties are mandatory items in the inspection of doors and windows, and the physical properties of doors and windows generally refer to these three properties. In 1986, China issued a standard for physical three-dimensional inspection of exterior windows of buildings. Namely: "(GB/T7106-86) "Wind Pressure Performance of Building Exterior Windows and Its Detection Methods"", "(GB/T7107-86) "Classification and Detection Methods of Air Permeability of Building Exterior Windows"", "( GB/T7108-86) Classification and Detection Method for Rainwater Leakage Performance of Building Exterior Windows. Subsequently, some major cities in China launched the three-dimensional physical inspection business of doors and windows, and our district started this business in the late 90s.

         (1) Determine the air-entraining performance of doors and windows from the viewpoint of energy conservation and dust prevention (2) Determine the rain leakage performance of doors and windows based on the most unfavorable conditions of wind and rain statistics of the meteorological department of the project where it was installed for many years (3) Calculate the location of the project After determining the wind load standard value, determine the wind pressure resistance performance of doors and windows The standard value of wind load for doors and windows in the project location can be calculated by referring to JGJ 102-96 “Technical Specifications for Glass Curtain Wall Engineering” and the formula is as follows: W&W. Where: w is the wind load standard value acting on the window; w. The basic wind pressure; 睦 for gust wind pressure coefficient, take 225; for wind pressure height change coefficient; for wind load shape coefficient, generally take 1.5. According to the formula above, the wind pressure of each building height in the Nanning region and the Beihai region can be calculated (Table 1). Table 1 can be seen from Table 1 wind pressure in Nanning region is not large, such as the selection of 144 Guangxi civil construction 2001 lotus plastic window, then 3O layer with low performance window superior products can be. In the North Sea area, on the 8th floor, it is necessary to use high-performance premium products (safety detection wind pressure reaches 3500Pa, that is, the highest level of wind pressure resistance in the current standard) on doors and windows. Therefore, only the architectural designer understands the three physical properties of doors and windows based on the requirements of the actual project. The door and window manufacturing company does not plan to produce the doors and windows that meet the requirements, so as to ensure the safe use of the doors and windows. 4 Effectively play the role of supervision of physical three-character testing According to the requirements of the Supplementary Notice on Building Doors and Windows and Production Licenses for Building Doors and Windows and Curtain Walls issued by the Ministry of Construction (97) No. 201, the aluminum alloy window and plastic window application The flats are covered by sliding windows covering the windows, that is, the exchange companies can only perform a series of specifications of the flat-window sampling inspection. This is a measure taken by the state to simplify the certification process. It focuses on controlling the quality of doors and windows from the production stage. The disadvantages are manifested in the fact that a large number of sliding windows are used in a project, and that enterprises do not have a physical three-dimensional inspection report of a sliding window, which can easily cause hidden accidents (from the perspective of our detection situation, due to the structural characteristics of casement windows, the same enterprise produced The performance of the casement window is often much better than that of the sliding window.) 2) The use of high-quality materials for sample windows produced by companies in the application process, and the general phenomenon of using poor quality materials for engineering windows are ineffective. 8 The climate conditions vary from region to region in Guangxi. The requirements for physical triads are also different. The production license system cannot meet this requirement. At present, the provinces and cities have adopted different measures in controlling the quality of doors and windows. For example, Tianjin and Shanghai have implemented the permit and production license system, that is, after the local enterprise obtains the production license privileged by the technical supervision department, the local construction department issues the permit; if the provincial enterprise enters the local market, it only needs to apply for approval. The use permit Wuhan started implementing the permit and the sampling inspection system for each project since 1999. After the enterprise has obtained the permit, it still has to submit a sample for each project. From 1998, Jiangxi began to implement the permit system and the production certificate permit system, and at the same time, the management measures for the sampling and inspection of each project; Guangxi currently implements a production license system. No matter what kind of system is implemented, the physical and three-dimensional inspection of doors and windows is the main means of quality supervision of doors and windows. From the effect of implementation, the measures taken by Wuhan and Jiangxi have more quality control. Therefore, the author suggests that in addition to the establishment of a production license system in Guangxi, it is also necessary to establish a system for sampling and inspection of each project, so as to truly play a role in the supervision of the quality of doors and windows, and protect the quality of doors and windows, and protect the formal enterprises and consumers. interest. At the same time, various regions in Guangxi may issue local regulations according to their own conditions, formulate local qualified indicators for the physical properties of doors and windows, and provide that the 1’7 windows that have been tested to achieve this goal can be used in the region and play a role in remedying the disease. Effect, promote steady and healthy development of Guangxi door and window industry References 1 "Technical Specifications of Glass Curtain Wall Engineering" (JGJ102-96) (Continued from page 16O) (3) There is howling during louder sound, and the volume on the CCU can be turned down. Adjust the sound system again. After the sound system is faded, it is generally not necessary to constantly adjust its relevant parameters to ensure a stable frequency. (4) It is unable to speak normally, and the indicator on the rear panel of CCU is on, it may be information overload or short circuit. Turn off the device check. In short, the digital conference system is a relatively novel system. Due to the application of digital technology, it can meet the management needs of modern conferences. In the system design, considering the actual functional requirements, the equipment configuration and site layout shall be 

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