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Advantages And Disadvantages For Corner Windows
Apr 07, 2018

There are many ways to connect aluminum profiles at right angles. Some require punching and tapping on aluminum profiles, while others require only sawing. We have the following common connection methods:

First, right angle connector connection

This method does not require tapping and does not require tapping. The aluminum profile can be cut directly to the required length, and then fixed at right angles through the right-angled connectors, bolts, and nuts. The advantage of this type of installation is that it is convenient and quick. The disadvantage is that it affects the aesthetics, and it is not possible to install partitions, glass and other accessories.

Second, the built-in connector connection

The inner part connection is generally such a whistle connection, and only a hole in one of the sections needs to be punched, and the installation and connection are also convenient. The advantage is that the connector is hidden inside the aluminum profile, does not affect the appearance, and the partition can be installed. There is also an advantage that the installed rack or machine can be modified, and profiles can be added at random positions, which is a kind of right-angle connection with strong compatibility.

Third, the corner slot connector connection

This connection is also a way to hide the connection, but it does not need to punch holes in the aluminum, just insert the two ends of the corner slot into the two vertical profiles, and then use the bolt Tighten it. This connection is both beautiful and convenient. However, the disadvantage is that there is no firm connection in the previous connection method, and it is suitable for a frame assembly where the load-bearing requirements are not very high.

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