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5 Selection Tips For Choosing Windows
Apr 06, 2018

1. See performance

This part mainly depends on the heat transfer coefficient, sound insulation performance and watertightness and airtightness, and when these information is purchased, they can ask the merchant to provide related inspection reports.

2. See materials

There are two tips for checking whether materials can meet national standards. First, touch the door frame, panel, and corners of the door. You should be soft and delicate without scratching. Then, stand on the side of the door and see if the paint on the door surface has bumps and waves.

3. Look at accessories and processes

The equipped glass needs to have a national 3C certification, and hardware is a key factor affecting the performance of doors and windows, and flexibility should be taken when choosing. Then look at the splicing seams, glues, and assembly processes of the doors and windows.

4. Look at the door window strip

An experiment can identify whether the strip is good or not. Use a lighter to light the strip and then extinguish it. Use your hand to pinch the burning part. If a powdery sample shows a good stripe, if it has a sticky feeling, it is an unqualified strip.

5. See installation and after-sales

Learn more about the installation of the product and the quality of after-sales service, so as to ensure the purchase of the most suitable aluminum alloy doors and windows and no worries

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