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which is better between casement window VS sliding window?
May 07, 2018

Friends who have had decoration experience are no strangers to the casement window. On our floor plan, we can often see what kind of windows are in the house. Kaiping and sliding windows are the two most common ones. So, what about flat windows and sliding windows? Casement windows are superior to sliding windows in performance, but sliding windows are superior to casement windows in processing and handling. Because of this, Pingkai has a large number of medium and high-grade buildings such as commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, high-end residential buildings, and villas. What is a casement window The hinged window frame can be rotated and opened. Casement windows can be divided into side-opening windows and hanging windows. The side opening window is opened horizontally and is generally used for the larger main window. Hanging windows are open in the vertical direction and are used for ventilation in rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. The new casement window allows two-way opening. Broken Bridge Aluminum Equipment www.jnctjq.com

Casement window advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: First, the structure is simple, 100% open, good air tightness, high thermal performance. Second, large area, good sealing, sound insulation, heat preservation and impermeability. Third, it is convenient for scrubbing and does not occupy space. Fourth, security and anti-theft performance is excellent.

Disadvantages: First, it occupies a certain space, but it is not suitable if there is not enough space. Second, the window is small and the field of vision is not open. Third, the space outside the wall is occupied, easily damaged, and the quality of the product is not closed, and leakage may occur.

The difference between casement windows and sliding windows

1. Sliding windows are open to both sides and must be two or more. Does not take up space, freely control the open area, easy to operate. It is difficult to clean up in difficult weather. Moisture, dust easily enter.

2. The casement window is divided into four modes: inner flat, outer flat, and flat open and hanging. It is also divided into single fan and double fan. Wind pressure performance, excellent sealing, easy to clean.

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