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What kind of machines for windows?
May 10, 2018

Door and window equipment is divided into broken aluminum windows and doors, plastic doors and windows equipment, hollow glass doors and windows equipment and aluminum doors and windows equipment.

Broken-bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment is the most popular door and window equipment on the market, generally require aluminum doors and windows double-head cutting saws, aluminum doors and windows grouping machine, aluminum corner cutting saws, aluminum profile milling machine, aluminum profile milling machine and hardware punch . In order to adapt to the development of the industry and improve the efficiency of production of doors and windows, the application of four-head combination drills for aluminum profiles has become more and more extensive. For special-shaped doors and windows, such as circular arc aluminum doors and windows, broken aluminum window profile CNC bending machine is also increasing year by year. In order to improve the appearance of doors and windows, the number of customers requesting circular pressure presses is also increasing.

Plastic-steel door and window equipment needs plastic-steel door and window cutting saws, plastic steel door and window welding machines, v mouth saws, glass bead saws, and sink milling machines. In recent years, with the popularity of two-color co-extrusion doors and windows, high-grade double-sided seamless welders are widely used. The CNC clearing machine improves the clearing speed.

Hollow glass doors and windows equipment includes 1800 vertical production line, butyl adhesive coating machine, two-component adhesive squeezing machine, aluminum spacer bending machine, and automatic molecular sieve filling machine.

Aluminium wood door and window equipment includes fully automatic wood milling machine and wooden window frame machine.


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