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what is hydraulic cylinder?
Apr 19, 2018

The hydraulic cylinder is a kind of hydraulically-driven fixture, which is suitable for special-purpose machines and fixtures for mass-produced parts, and can greatly improve the degree of automation of the jigs for machining, assembly, and welding. It is an indispensable clamping element for CNC machine tools, especially for machining centers to improve work efficiency. It is also used for welding and assembly fixtures. It is small, powerful, space-saving, fast gripping, and accurate positioning. It can basically be regarded as a gripper robot. Coupling on the machine tool quickly clamps and quickly opens the workpiece. It is suitable for applications where the production rhythm is fast and the workpiece machining accuracy is high. In the working process of the hydraulic cylinder, the piston first completes the rotation stroke—the press arm is pressed down and rotates to the specified position and angle of the design, and then the clamping stroke is completed—that is, the linear press down and clamp the workpiece. Press the arm away from the workpiece before clamping the workpiece. After the workpiece is installed, the pressure arm is rotated to the top of the workpiece by reversing the cut, and then the workpiece is pressed tightly by vertical straight downward motion. When the workpiece is released, the pressure arm automatically presses the tight path to return to the original position to open the workpiece. The user can remove the workpiece smoothly and conveniently. Hydraulic cylinder according to the installation method: can be divided into the upper flange type, the lower flange type, external thread installation; according to the pipeline connection points: can be divided into the oil circuit board type and external pipeline type. When the user chooses, in addition to considering which power source, installation method, and pipe connection method is selected, the main reference is the required clamping force and supporting force, and the size is selected according to the clamping force and supporting force marked by each type of angle cylinder. Different corner cylinders. The use of hydraulic cylinder: The angle cylinder is fixed on the workbench, equipped with hydraulic pump, filter, pressure reducing valve, reversing valve, oil mister, solenoid valve, overflow valve, pipeline and joint accessories, etc. The road can be connected to the corner. Pipe fittings are selected according to actual needs.

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