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what are advantages for aluminium cutting saw?
Apr 10, 2018

What are the advantages of profile cutting machine?
Profile cutting machine is suitable for sawing a variety of special-shaped metal aluminum, aluminum alloy, copper, copper alloy, non-metallic plastics and carbon fiber and other materials, especially for aluminum doors and windows, photo frames, plastic steel, electric wood, aluminum extrusion, paper tubes and profiles The sawing. Today Xiao Bian introduced the advantages of the profile cutting machine for everyone:
1. Hidden saw blade. Low noise. High safety.
2. Foot switch, automatic pressure, sawing material.
3 Use 12mm rubber block material, not easy to damage.
4. Single or multiple sawing sections can be used together.
5.800mm long infeed plate can improve sawing precision.
6.Automatically on both sides of the fuel injection, the amount of oil can be adjusted separately. The cut surface is free of burrs and the saw blade is more durable.
7. The machine is machined by computer and has high sawing accuracy.
The above is the advantage of the profile cutting machine. I hope to help everyone.

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