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the disadvantages and advantages of the glass curtain wall
May 07, 2018

Advantages of the glass curtain wall: The glass curtain wall is a new type of contemporary wall. The most important feature that it gives to architecture is the organic integration of architectural aesthetics, architectural functions, architectural structures and other factors. Buildings show different shades from different angles. With the change of sunlight, moonlight, and light, it gives people dynamic beauty.

Disadvantages of glass curtain walls:

One: light pollution, greater energy consumption.

The problem of light pollution of glass curtain wall and countermeasures

The glass curtain wall is a beautiful and novel method of decorating the building wall. It is a distinctive feature of modern high-rise buildings.

The glass curtain wall was introduced into China in the 1980s. Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Beijing, Shanghai and other large and medium-sized cities. Large areas with glass curtain walls can be seen everywhere. However, the resulting light pollution was unexpected. Light pollution from glass walls. It refers to the coated glass or coated glass on the curtain wall of a high-rise building. Reflective glare resulting from the specular reflection (ie, regular reflection) of the glass when direct sunlight and sky light shine on the glass surface.

Harmfulness of light pollution

With the development and use of any technology will bring both positive and negative impact. The glass curtain wall brings people high-tech, high-grade enjoyment at the same time. It also brings some new problems. Among the most interesting are the light pollution problems and other negative effects. In many places, people choose what they like. Abused in spite of the occasion. The human, urban environment and astronomical inspections have caused serious damage. It has become an important issue for the architectural optical industry to study and solve.

1. Light pollution is the murderer of accidental traffic accidents. A glass-walled building that stands beside a busy road or at a crossroads. It is like a huge mirror that is tens of meters wide and nearly 100 meters high. Glittering in the sun. Reflects (and even reflects) ground vehicles and traffic lights. The reflected light enters a high speed car. Can cause people's sudden temporary blindness and vision illusion. In the moment will stimulate the driver's vision. Or make him feel dizzy. Severe harm to pedestrians and drivers. According to some drivers in Beijing. About 4 pm drive from west to east. The strong reflection of the thorns can't open the eyes. If not alert. Such light pollution may cause traffic accidents. To save people's lives.

2. Light pollution has also brought a lot of trouble to the lives of nearby residents. Especially those glass curtain walls built near residential areas. Reflect the surrounding buildings. According to optical experts. The reflected light of the mirror building glass is stronger than the sunlight. Its reflectance is as high as 82% to 90%. Summer sunshine is reflected in the room. Increase the room temperature by an average of 4 to 6°C. Air-conditioning spending has increased significantly. Affect people's normal living use. more than this. People who work and live in a white, polluted environment for a long time. It is easy to cause vision to fall. Dizziness, insomnia, heart palpitations, appetite landing, and depression are all symptoms of neurasthenia. It is a normal physiological and psychological change. A long time will cause some diseases. The National Environmental Protection Agency received complaints from all over the country about light pollution every year. And attach great importance to this.

Second, glass curtain walls are easily contaminated. This is particularly true in northern regions where the air contains a lot of dust, air pollution is severe, and drought is scarce. Glass walls are more susceptible to dust and dirt. This is in terms of cityscapes. Not only can not increase 'light'. Instead, lose 'face'. Because of the inferior material used in some glass curtain walls. The construction quality is not high. Uneven color appearance. Ripples vary. The glass curtain wall is like a magic mirror. under the sun. Each glass does not appear to have a uniform light and shade. It is diffused around. obvious. Such a building. It is difficult to think of crisp and luxurious. Can only feel bizarre and funny. The city’s image has therefore been greatly reduced.

Third, the glass curtain wall has no recycling value. Glass curtain wall materials will be scrapped with the demolition of the building without any recycling value.

Fourth, heavy weight. The glass curtain wall is about 10 times the weight of the aluminum veneer curtain wall.

Fifth, the shape of a single, difficult to do modeling

The prevention of light pollution in glass curtain walls and the development of new products:

Light pollution is a great hazard and appropriate measures must be taken to prevent it:

Strengthen plan control management

The layout of the city complex is not proper. Especially glass walls are too concentrated. Reflects the lack of management of the city plan. The urban planning and management department should control the use of glass curtain walls from a macro perspective. Begin with requirements from the environment, climate, functions, and plans. Implement total control and management. Specifically. When formulating the city's main road planning. First of all, we must formulate a street environment plan. Limit the wide dispersion and concentration of glass curtain walls. Particular care should be taken to avoid the full use of glass curtain walls on both side-by-side and opposing buildings. To consider the appropriate building spacing. And to control the total amount of glass curtain wall spread in this area. The vast majority of large buildings, including hotels, hotels, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc., can adopt partial glass curtain walls. For example, aluminum veneer curtain walls that do not reflect light are used at the bottom of the building.

The Shanghai Construction Commission has the following provisions on the use of glass curtain walls in construction projects: The area of glass curtain walls used in buildings must not exceed 40% of the external wall construction area (including window glass). This provision not only considers factors such as city function, environment and economic efficiency. And it can also reduce light pollution accordingly. For houses, apartments, dormitories, hospitals, transportation centers and other buildings, according to their functional requirements and energy conservation policies. It is not advisable to use glass curtain walls. As for office buildings, due to the adoption of large-area glass windows. Has been able to meet the requirements of the indoor light environment, so no longer take the glass curtain wall.

'Light pollution' is generated under the following specific conditions:

(1) Large-area high-reflectivity coated glass is used;

(2) Generated in a specific direction and at a specific time. Such as the glass curtain wall toward the direction of the sun. Or form a specific angle with people. Because the relative position of the sun and the earth is always changing. therefore. There is also a specific time limit for producing a specific angle;

(3) The degree of light pollution is closely related to the direction, position and height of the glass curtain wall. Since the human angle of view is within ±15° of the angle around 2m high, the effect is the greatest.

The intensity of light reflection is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the reflector to the human eye. and so. The direction of light reflected by the sun depends on the geometric position of the glass facing the sun. Therefore, adjust the glass position. Reflect light to the sky. Instead of shooting on the streets and sidewalks. Even with a glass curtain wall. Attention should also be paid to the orientation and orientation of the curtain wall. According to the sun's rays. It can be inferred that in the range of 35 degrees southeast and 20 degrees west of north, it is not appropriate to use glass curtain walls. otherwise. Glare reflections focus areas have an adverse effect on other buildings and pedestrians. E.g. When Beijing was building the Beijing-Guangzhou Center. In addition to the use of coated glass with low reflectivity. Also adjust the original design. Turn the arc to the third ring. This minimizes light reflections. Has achieved very good results. Explain comprehensive planning and design. It is possible to avoid the consequences of light pollution caused by glass curtain walls. In addition. When designing a glass curtain wall. Arrangements should be made next to Lin vagina and green areas. The reflected light is absorbed by the trees. To improve and condition the lighting environment.

In recent years, governments and relevant academic groups have attached great importance to the problem of light pollution. A series of technical documents, standards and decrees have been published before and after, to control light pollution. China also attaches great importance to the issue of curtain wall construction. The Ministry of Construction promulgated the curtain wall engineering technical specifications in 1996. In 1997, it promulgated the Provisional Regulations on Strengthening the Management of Curtain Wall Projects. To make the control of the quality of curtain wall projects have regulatory basis. All around according to their actual situation. Some corresponding feasible measures have also been taken. Such as curtain wall installation in Guangzhou will fulfill new standards

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