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Semi-Automatic Single Axis Copy Router for Aluminum Window Door
May 17, 2018

The machine adopts the half-automatic control copy operation, with big process size and high accuracy. It is fit for the through-hole copy machining of different size of aluminum alloy curtain wall and window profiles. Utilizes the mold and copy the shape of the hole to the workpiece as per 1: 1 ratio.

1.Worktable size (WxH)620x260mm
2.Max. distance of milling head from left to right240mm
3.Max. distance of milling head from front to rear120mm
4.Max. space height of milling head200mm
5.Milling cutter diameter3mm  /  5mm  /  8mm
6.Milling cutter rotation speed12000 rpm
7.Motor power1.1 Kw
8.Motor rotation speed2840 rpm

Cylinder feeding travel50mm
9.Working air pressure0.6-0.8Mpa
10.Overall dimension (L×W×H)720(2520)x800x1500mm

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