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PVC face milling machine for windows
Apr 13, 2018

Main specifications and technical parameters

Working pressure 0.4~0.6Mpa

Air consumption 100L∕min

Input power (three-phase four-wire) 380v 50Hz

Input power 1.5kw

Motor speed 2800r/min

Milling cutter diameter Φ200mm

The largest opening size 200×70×45mm

Dimensions 1060×800×1300mm

Weight ~ 240kg


This machine is suitable for multiple end milling of aluminum alloy profiles. After practical application, the technical personnel of our company make the following improvements:

Safety: The use of safety compression device, so that the security of the machine has greatly improved, (currently on the market using the electric control compression in use, if any power failure, solenoid valve coil damage, relay damage and other conditions are Will cause the pressure plate to release immediately, the tool is still rotating at high speed and milling forward, seriously endangering the personal safety of the operator, and leading to the scrap of tools and materials)

Stability: Specially designed gas-liquid damping device is added to ensure smooth and even speed of the tool during the milling operation. It will never produce crawling phenomenon. It completely solves the problem of low milling accuracy and rapid tool wear, aging or damage caused by too fast speed. Defects

Accuracy: The spindle bearing adopts Japan NSK high-precision bearings to ensure more accurate milling

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