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insulating glass machines introduction
Apr 23, 2018

Insulating glass production line is a type of glass deep processing equipment, mainly used for processing hollow glass. Insulating glass production line mainly has four sections: infeed section, cleaning and drying section, inspection section and combined section. The four sections are all erected with the same inclination angle, compact structure, economical and practical, high efficiency and easy maintenance. The cleaning box is made of stainless steel, the transfer roller is an acid-resistant rubber roller; the glass cleaning can be conveniently observed through the plexiglass window at any time; the input section, cleaning and drying section are driven by manual stepless speed motor, and the glass is optimized The speed runs smoothly.

The cleaning water circuit system of the insulating glass production line is a circulation system. The water tank is equipped with a constant temperature water heating device, and the water temperature can be automatically maintained within a reasonable range.

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