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how to select the materials for tool
Apr 17, 2018

There are no best knives, only the most suitable knives, different shapes, structures, and steels have different uses, so we can choose the knives according to our own needs. Here we focus on steel products, and we generally look at the following points.

A hardness

Hardness refers to the resistance to deformation when subjected to external pressure. The hardness of the tool is usually referred to as strength, and it is generally measured by HRC (Rockwell hardness).

Second, toughness

Toughness refers to the ability to resist breaking fractures when used in heavy applications. It can also be said that steel can bend without breaking. Rupture is the biggest damage of a knife and it is difficult to repair. It should be noted that the greater the hardness of a knife, the less the toughness. Of course, the toughness test is not standardized as hard.

Third, wear resistance

Forming knife manufacturers introduce wear resistance is the ability of steel to withstand erosion and adhesive wear. Ablation is caused by the contact of a softer surface with a rougher surface. Adhesion wear is formed when the debris is transferred from one surface to another. Abrasion resistance is generally related to the hardness of the steel, but it is also largely influenced by the specific chemical substances in the steel. In steels of the same hardness, steels with a higher content of carbides are particularly wear-resistant.

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