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how the insulating glass machines to work?
Apr 24, 2018

Insulating glass processing equipment refers to the mechanical equipment used to manufacture hollow glass. The hollow glass processing equipment operated is of good quality and is an insulating glass processing equipment company that is worthy of the majority of customers. So what is the working principle of the hollow glass processing equipment, let the Parker machine take you to understand.

      Insulating glass processing equipment mainly includes infeed section, cleaning and drying section, inspection waiting section, installation section, extension section of ultra-long film, flat-plate pressure section, and output section of extended section of ultra-long film, totaling 8 sections.

1. Infeed section, cleaning and drying section, inspection waiting section, installation section, structure and performance characteristics

      The 8 sections are all erected at the same 6° inclination and are compact, economical and practical, efficient and easy to maintain. The cleaning tank is made of stainless steel, the transfer roller is an acid-resistant rubber roller, and the input section and the cleaning and drying section are driven by a variable-frequency speed-regulating motor to allow the glass to run smoothly at the optimal speed. In the drying section, the wind surface can be dried by using a high wind force to incline the air knife. The inspection waiting section is equipped with a detection lamp, which can clearly check the cleaning quality of the glass. The glass is supported and conveyed by the transmission rubber roller. The transmission roller is driven by the motor through the frequency conversion governor through the sprocket. The glass enters this segment at a low speed from the cleaning and drying stage. After passing the inspection, it accelerates to the next working stage and improves the work efficiency. The installation section has a glass positioning and aluminum frame positioning device, which can complete the glass positioning, aluminum frame positioning and placement function. This section is controlled by the frequency conversion governor to control the operation of this section of speed control motor, photoelectric switch control glass into the next working section or in the present The section stops waiting for the placement of aluminum partitions; the glass passes through the installation section and enters the composite section, which enters the overturn section after being pressed by the composite sheet.

The cleaning water system is a circulatory system, and its water tank is equipped with a constant-temperature water heating device, and the water temperature can be automatically maintained within a reasonable range.

 Insulating glass equipment conveying section

2. Structure and performance characteristics of flat plate section

      This section is used for the splicing and flat pressing of insulating glass. Both processes are automatically performed within the flat pressing section, which greatly reduces the structural length of the entire insulating glass production line. The glass is supported and conveyed by the transfer rubber roller. The transfer roller is directly driven by the motor after frequency conversion and speed regulation. The rear pressure plate is equipped with an air cushion device to assist the glass transport. The front pressure plate is equipped with a suction cup device to hold the glass firmly. The glass is pressed and pressed together, and the servo motor drives the front plate through the timing belt to drive the front plate to ensure that the two pieces of glass can be safely and parallelly combined and pressed at a set time and distance to make the plate meet the requirements. Hollow glass.

Insulating glass equipment plate section

      Insulating glass equipment adopts full PLC control, high degree of automation, human-machine interface touch screen, automatic manual and convenient conversion, and has a single-segment operation function, can accurately display the operation of the equipment, and is convenient for maintenance, which is certainly capable of operating personnel. Save a lot of time.

  The working principle of the hollow glass processing equipment is such that understanding the working principle of an instrument can make the instrument play a greater role, so that the use of insulating glass processing equipment can be more standardized.

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