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development for broken bridge windows and machines
Apr 16, 2018

Since the advent of the Internet, the impact on people’s daily lives has grown and the speed of information transmission has been staggering. Without the Internet, there would not be the rise of Taobao during the SARS period in 2003. Without the Internet, there would be no such thing as the “Smile Director” and the “Sky Director of Heaven Price” corrupt officials. Similarly, the impact of the network on our door and window equipment industry is also great. If customers want to purchase equipment, they will go to Baidu, Google, and other search terms like broken aluminum doors and windows, plastic doors and windows equipment and hollow glass processing equipment. Today, Xiao Bian mainly talks about the relationship between the optimization of our window and door equipment industry network and the development of the market.

The existence of an enterprise is to be profitable when it is small, and it is to reflect self-social value when it is big. Different people will receive different rewards through the division of labor. Naturally, market development is an important stage of enterprise development, and network optimization is a means and a method of market development. If you go to Baidu to search for "door and window equipment" or "insulating glass processing equipment," you will find a lot of information on Jinan enterprises, which also proves that everyone attaches importance to network optimization. In fact, this result is not without reason. Our window and door equipment industry is subordinate to machinery and equipment. In terms of sales model, there are mainly direct sales and development agencies. As the door and window equipment is closely related to the real estate industry, as long as there are building projects where there will be the opportunity to buy door and window equipment, our customer groups are too dispersed, and their initiative to contact the customer, then the target is not strong. Everyone had to squeeze their heads to do some network optimization so that customers could find themselves when they searched for “door and window equipment” or “hollow glass processing equipment”. Therefore, relative to other industries, the development of the market for window and door equipment industry has a stronger dependence on network optimization.

In peacetime, many friends who make broken bridge equipment and plastic steel door and window equipment often ask me, in the end how to do network optimization? They are all afraid of network optimization. Each year, Baidu promotion, Google promotion, Sogou promotion and other services will cost 10,000 yuan. In fact, I think that they have made mistakes in the concept, optimised for network optimization only, and forgotten our ultimate goal: selling products. To put it plainly, the Internet is a tool. Customers understand us through the Internet and we retain customers through products. In terms of networks, we cannot be overly immersed in one's mind or disregard it. I think: First of all, we should start from the product, to produce high-quality broken aluminum doors and windows equipment and steel doors and windows equipment, according to customer feedback to continuously improve the product, word of mouth can not be less publicity. Secondly, network optimization can be appropriately promoted, but it cannot be immersed in it and must be stopped. There are many ways to publicize a company on the Internet, for example, to some industry websites (such as "China Door and Window Equipment Network, China's Insulating Glass Processing Equipment and Equipment Network") and classified information network to publish information. Nowadays, the more popular microblogging marketing is also good. Third, there must be less promotion under the line. We need to leave a web address on our business cards, corporate color pages, and company information. This is also a means of bringing traffic.

All in all, the market development of the window and door equipment industry is inseparable from network optimization, but it cannot rely on network optimization.

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