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custom made window machines by P-luck
Apr 16, 2018

We usually talk about windows and doors are the eyes of buildings, how to make it more colorful, truly reflect the owner's style and taste, as a door and window equipment manufacturing industry, we meet customer's personalized needs to the maximum, that is, steel doors and windows equipment, The customization of broken aluminum windows and doors and hollow glass equipment is an indispensable social responsibility of our P-luck machinery.

      After the launch of the equipment customization service of Jinan P-luck Machinery Co., Ltd. in 2015, it was highly praised and recognized by the new and old customers. Our company has tailored many kinds of foam ceramic filter roller presses with different functional requirements for customers at home and abroad. We have customized upgraded high-end precision saws, double-head cutting saws and insulating glass equipment production lines according to customers' high-precision requirements. Product.

At the beginning of the 2016 New Year, our company received more than a dozen custom-made PVC window and door equipment orders from customers in Guizhou—specified equipment colors and special features. After receiving the order, the company organized the sales department, production department, technical department, supply department, quality inspection department and other related departments to strictly demonstrate and actively prepare. After ten days of hard work, all the steel doors and windows equipment have been strict today. Qualified and neatly prepared

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