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curtain wall profiles cutting machine(3)
Apr 12, 2018

4, system description of the product

  The pneumatic control of the machine tool consists of six parts: (1) sawing head into the cylinder; (2) work piece pressing cylinder; (3) angle swinging cylinder; (4) guard lifting cylinder; (5) 67.5° cylinder; ( 6) Gas-liquid conversion device.

The electrical control is controlled by the numerical control system

The gas source is introduced into the air source processor inlet of the machine tool through the rubber tube, and is sent to the air supply points through the internal pipeline.

Briefly stated as follows:

4.1.1 Feed motion of the saw head: After the solenoid valve is energized, it will change direction. Compressed air enters the gas-liquid conversion device and pushes the working cylinder into the cylinder to advance the saw head. The solenoid valve is powered off, the two-position five-way solenoid valve is reset, and the air is compressed. Work into the cylinder, saw head back.

4.1.2 Workpiece pressing: The work piece is pressed by the cylinder. After the solenoid valve is energized, the two-position five-way electromagnetic valve is reversed and the compressed air enters the single-acting cylinder. When the workpiece is pressed, when the cutting is completed and the saw blade is retracted, the saw head touches the solenoid valve of the stroke switch and is de-energized, reversing, and the pressure cylinder is released. At this point, the entire process is completed.

5, transport and storage

   This machine tool is a precision device that prevents severe jolts, slips, and overturns during transportation. Before leaving the factory and when it is not used for a long time, you should clean up each pair of sports equipment, apply lubricating oil (fat), cover the plastic protective cover, and do a good job of dust prevention and rust prevention. For details, please refer to Maintenance and Maintenance.

6, installation and commissioning

   The machine tool is transported to the user's location and opened for inspection. If there is no transport damage, the machine tool can be moved to the installation position using the moving tool.

6.1 Installation Conditions and Installation Methods

6.1.1 should be installed on the hard and flat concrete floor in the factory building.

6.1.2 The environment should be air-dry, no dust, no corrosive gas, temperature 10-40 °C

6.1.3 Support the six leveling bases on the machine bed leg, adjust the machine tool to the level, tighten the lock nuts of the adjustment bolts, and remove the packaging.

Warning: Remove the parts such as the fixing plate of the right head and the guide rail that are used to fix the head, otherwise the ball screw will be damaged after the power is turned on.

6.2 Power on

  Three-phase four-wire, 380V, 50HZ AC.

6.3 Grounding

   The machine body must be grounded. The ground wire is a yellow-green two-color line with a cross-sectional area of not less than 2.5 mm2. The resistance between the grounded body and the main grounding point should be less than 0.1 ohms.

6.4 air

   Working pressure 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa, connect the gas source to the air source processor connector and check the pneumatic system for air leakage

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