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CNC PVC window angle cleaning machine details
May 04, 2018

◆ Self-learning programming (setting and programming at the same time). The operation does not require professionals, operators at different levels can master operations and programming in a short period of time, saving users valuable time

◆The most advanced touch interface in the world is used in the operation interface (display and operation of the same interface)

◆ The operation screen is made of inductive structure, which has neither fatigue and wear, and the service life is longer than the traditional button.

◆The equipment is equipped with real-time monitoring, circular arc, interpolation, bevel milling, and single angle comprehensive clearing time is 7-15 seconds [Main Equipment Configuration]

1. The system uses Japanese import system

2 drive selected the United States or Germany imported drive

3. The interface uses Taiwan's high-speed touch screen.

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