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Boosting cylinder working principle
Apr 19, 2018

Boosting cylinder is a combination of a hydraulic cylinder and a supercharger. It works by using the ratio of the supercharger's different pressure cross-sectional area, and the principle of Pascal's energy conservation. Because the pressure is constant, when the pressure receiving area changes from large to small, the pressure will also change with the principle of different sizes, so as to achieve the pressure effect of increasing the pressure of air pressure to several times. Take the pre-pressurization booster cylinder as an example: When working pressure is on the surface of hydraulic oil (or piston), the hydraulic oil will compress air and flow to the pre-pressure stroke chamber. At this time, the hydraulic oil will promptly push the parts for displacement. When the working displacement meets the resistance greater than the pressure pressure, the cylinder The operation is stopped. At this time, the pressurization chamber of the pressurized knife cylinder starts to pressurize due to the electrical signal (or pneumatic signal) to achieve the purpose of molding the product.

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