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basic information about Aluminium window machines
Apr 26, 2018

Basic information on manufacture aluminum window machine:

Manufacture aluminum window machine include aluminum profile cutting machine, aluminum corner connector cutting machine, aluminum profile punching machine, aluminum corner crimping machine, aluminum bending machine, aluminum thermal break machine

1)we add solid steel into steel square pipes to make the worktable stronger, and we put the cooling fan into the worktable, making the worktable more beautiful. Meanwhile, we move the electric box to the worktable door, so easier for operation.


2) our motor can be custom made in 110V, single phase, 240V 3phases/single phase, also we can make it 380v 3 phases, the motor can be done according to customers requirements, also we add pulse into the motor, so that it can protect the motor from bornt


3)there are four sets of foot pedals to control the punching machine, each pedal controls one set of punching moulds, can reduce the wears for moulds.  and we would like to use the stainless steel sheet to cover the worktable, so that the machine can keep clean and easy to clean.


4)we design and make the machine and mould in 3D , to make sure the machine and moulds in high precision and good quality, each part has been calculated carefully, so that any mistake never happens. When you use machine and mould, if there is something happen , just take a photo for the parts, then we can make you the same parts

 3D design.jpg

5 )the point design for punch can help you control the punching depth well, so that the punch machine come down, or when you need to test the mould, such design can protect the moulds and knives from damaged well.


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