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Auxiliary tools for window machines
May 10, 2018

In the specific production process of doors and windows, some auxiliary tools are also essential. Although the auxiliary tools are small, the role they play is irreplaceable. Let's take a look at the auxiliary tools for door and window equipment.

1, tools: including electric or pneumatic, manual screwdriver (a word, cross), wooden hammer, rubber hammer, hand hammer, needle nose pliers, flat nose pliers, packing pliers, Scriber, pen, electric drill, pneumatic drill, hand Use a wheel, etc.

    2, fixtures: including bench vise, vise and so on.

    3, the tool: including woodworking chisel, boring knife, cutting wheel cutting saw, carbide cutting saw, hand cutting saw, single-blade milling cutter.

    4, measuring tools: including tape measure, caliper, steel ruler, 90 degree square feet.

    5, other process equipment: According to the different profile section shape, size and the selected plastic steel doors and windows assembly process, but also to prepare a number of special process equipment must be used in the assembly process, these processes and equipment are as follows.

    1) Drilling mold: It is generally used to install hardware fittings to ensure the installation position is correct. It is used to assemble sub-grid profiles or sashes in the welding-spiral jointing process.

    2) Positioning template: Some profile systems must also be equipped with special clamping positioning templates and flat sashes, fan positioning plates, etc. on steel equipment sawing machines (double-head saws, glass bead saws) and welding steel equipment.

    3) Profiling template: Profiling template shall be arranged on the profile milling machine according to the shape and size of the PVC-U profile and the dimensions of the hardware fittings. For example, a profile template used for milling the double-sided keyhole on the door leaf.

    4) Special combination milling cutter: Special combination milling cutters suitable for PVC-U profile systems are needed in plastic machine clearing machines and end mills.


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