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Aluminum Profile Double Column Punching Machine
Apr 28, 2018

Hydraulic Stamp Machine for Window is used to punch install holes, weep holes, lock holes, cutback, connector holes, ect, punching process is done by changing processing position, various of profiles can be processed. We adopt 3D design to make sure our each parts and machines in high precision and good quality. It just takes you two seconds to finish one operation, and promise it smooth, no deform. Specification about Hydraulic Stamp Machine for Window


1. This machine is mainly matched with single and assembling die of aluminum window and door,it can finish all hole and notch punching and processing of different kinds of plain profile and thermal break extrusion, sliding or casement windows.

2. Applicable for installation of aluminum windows and doors and the punching processing of aluminum profiles.

3. Punching process, by changing processing position, various types profiles can be processed.

4.Two column can achieve stable punching,high efficient,low noise, free of pollution and high precision.

5. High hydraulic power and processing quality.

6. There are four pillars keeping working stability.

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