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Aluminium window Corner Connector Automatic Cutting Saw
Apr 25, 2018

Aluminium window Corner Connector Automatic Cutting Saw 

1. Product Description

ü  2 carbide-tipped blades, brand WEMARO

ü  Full guard for cutting zone, pneumatically operated

ü  Pair of pneumatic horizontal and vertical clamps with “low pressure” device

ü  Profile support roller conveyor

ü  Lubrication system, spray-mist lubrication with oil and water emulsion or quantity oil lubrication

ü  Cutting angles with blade Ø500mm from 45° ~ 157.5°,any angle

ü  Manual profile support

ü  Pair of standard counter blocks

ü  Metric scale

ü  Cutting length 5 meter

ü  Blade motor power rating 2.2 KW

ü  The machine has label printing function (optional)

ü  The machine is the most advanced double-head cutting saw.

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