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Aluminium profiles bending machine information
Apr 28, 2018

Aluminium Bending Machine is  is high-efficient process equipment used to bend angle steel, channel steel, I-steel, flat steel, side steel, round steel and so on. One time feeding can complete rolling round and corrective round working procedure, it is widely used in the petroleum, chemical industry, water and electricity, shipbuilding and machine manufacture and other business lines.


1. This machine is mainly used for bending metal material such as iron, copper, aluminum and special-shaped material.

2. This machine equipped with three driving rolls, which can avoid sliding for profile.

3. The maximum hydraulic pressure can be up to 20 tons, which can easily bending all kinds of aluminum profiles and window and doors frame(square steel tube)

4. All profiles can be bended at once, high efficiency, no wear and tear; can also be used as many times as required.

5. Three sets of driving rollers are controlled by CNC device, which can move smoothly and realize precision positioning.The positioning precision is +-0.02mm

6. The distance between rollers can be customized and adjusted.

7. This machine is placed horizontally that can be suitable for different size and weight profile.It can be controlled manually and automatically.

8. Each procedure can set different feeding speed, which greatly enhances material quality and meet productivity requirement.

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