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Aluminium heavy double head cutting machine(1)
Apr 12, 2018

I. Main uses and application scope

This machine is a new model developed to meet the development of China's aluminum and plastic door and window processing industry. The machine is simple in operation, reliable in performance, advanced in technology and easy to maintain. The machine is mainly used for the processing of aluminum doors and windows, curtain wall profiles. The cutters use hard alloy tooth saw blades for high cutting speed, high productivity and high machining accuracy. The two giants can work alone or at the same time. When working at the same time, the desired length and the angle at both ends of the profile can be cut out at one time.

1, the main specifications and technical parameters

Power supply: Three-phase four-wire 380V 50HZ

Saw motor: power 2×2.2KW

            Speed 2800r/min

Working pressure: 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa

Air consumption: 60l/min

Sawing length: max 4300mm

Min 380mm

Sawing width: max 150mm

Sawing height: max 300mm

Sawing angle: 90°, 45°, 67.5°

Feed speed: stepless speed regulation 0-3m/min

Saw blade specification: ¢500mm×4.4mm×¢30mm Z=120

Dimensions: 5560mm × 1750mm × 1950mm

Weight: about 1800kg

2. Overview of the main structure of the product

3.1 Features

   There are two saw heads on the machine bed. The left saw head is fixed and fixed on the bed by screws. The right saw head can be moved by hand on the round rail and can be locked in the desired position. The length of the workpiece cut is indicated by the scale mounted on the bed. A console is installed in front of the bed, and electrical control elements are mounted on the console. After the workpiece is placed on the workbench, as long as the operator presses the button according to the operating procedures, the machine will complete the process of workpiece positioning, compression, cutting, tool return, and release. The design of the aircraft fully takes into account the safety of the staff. Saw head movement, all covered in openable, strong safety cover. The pneumatic control system has two-hand control buttons to ensure safe operation.

3.2 The main structure

   The machine is mainly composed of main parts such as a left saw head, a right saw head, a bed body, a feeding rack and a work bench.

3.2.1 Saw head

The saw head is a fixed saw head. The right saw head has a linear movement between the pallet and the flower board with the dragging board moving to the right and left on the round rail. The left and right movements of the saw head are light and flexible, ensuring the smoothness of the movement. The feed of the saw blade is completed by the double-acting gas-liquid damping cylinder. The pneumatic control system has the function of quick return with slow feed.

3.2.2 Bed

   It is made of low-carbon steel rectangular welded pipe, welded after the aging treatment to ensure the bed's rigidity and stability.

3.2.3 Workbench

The fixed table is mounted together with the left saw head, and the movable table can be horizontally moved horizontally with the carriage on the guide rails.

3.2.4 Tow rack

The middle bracket is an automatic lifting type, and the rear bracket is an automatic retractable type. Not only meet the requirements of cutting profiles, but also save space, the appearance of the machine is neat and beautiful.

4, system description of the product

  The pneumatic control of the machine tool consists of six parts: (1) Saw headwork intake fluid damping cylinder; (2) Workpiece compression cylinder; (3) Angle swing cylinder; (4) Hood lift cylinder; (5) 67.5° Cylinder; (6) Intermediate Tug Cylinder. The gas source is introduced into the air source processor inlet of the machine tool through the rubber tube, and is sent to the air supply points through the internal pipeline.

Briefly stated as follows:

4.1.1 Feed motion of the saw head: When the solenoid valve is energized, it will change direction. The compressed air enters into the rear chamber of the working fluid intake fluid damping cylinder to advance the saw head; the solenoid valve is powered off and the two-position five-way solenoid valve is reset. The air enters the front cavity of the gas-liquid damping cylinder and the saw head returns.

4.1.2 Workpiece pressing: The work piece is pressed by the cylinder. After the solenoid valve is energized, the two-position five-way electromagnetic valve is reversed and the compressed air enters the single-acting cylinder. When the workpiece is pressed, when the cutting is completed and the saw blade is retracted, the saw head touches the solenoid valve of the stroke switch and is de-energized, reversing, and the pressure cylinder is released. At this point, the entire process is completed.

5, transport and storage

   The machine must be protected against severe jolts, slips and overturns during transport. Before leaving the factory and when it is not used for a long time, clean up all the sports equipment of the equipment and apply grease (fat).

Cover a plastic protective cover and do a good job of dust protection and rust prevention. See 8 Maintenance and Maintenance.

6, installation and commissioning

   The machine tool is transported to the user's place of use and is opened for inspection. If there is no transport damage, the machine tool can be moved to the installation position using the moving tool.

6.1 Installation Conditions and Installation Methods

6.1.1 should be installed on the hard and flat concrete floor in the factory building.

6.1.2 The environment should be air-dry, no dust, no corrosive gas, temperature 10-40 °C

6.1.3 Support the six leveling bases on the machine bed legs, adjust the machine tool to the level, tighten the lock nuts of the adjustment bolts, and remove the parts used to fix the heads, such as fixing plates and brackets for packaging.

6.2 Power on

  Three-phase four-wire, 380V, 50HZ AC.

6.3 Grounding

   The machine body must be grounded. The ground wire is a yellow-green two-color line with a cross-sectional area of not less than 2.5 mm2. The resistance between the grounded body and the main grounding point should be less than 0.1 ohms.

6.4 air

   Work pressure 0.5Mpa-0.8Mpa, the air source is connected to the air source processor connector and check the pneumatic system for air leakage.

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