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Aluminium crimping machine technology(1)
Apr 11, 2018

1. Main use and application scope

The group of corner machine is a special equipment for the production of high-grade aluminum doors and windows, suitable for corner code knots

Patterned aluminum doors and 90 degree corner joints.

2. The main technical parameters

Power Three-wire and four-wire system 380V 50HZ

Total power 1.5KW

Motor speed 1400r/min

Rated pump pressure 16Mpa

Pump Model 2.5MCY

Air source working pressure 0.5-0.8Mpa

Air consumption LZJ02: 2L/min

Fuel tank capacity 20L

Total group pressure 48KN

Group angle cylinder movement stroke 68mm

Main positioning block adjustment range 70mm

Processing profile height (maximum) 120mm

3. The main components of the working principle and structural features

3.1 Main components



3.2 Working principle

   The group angle cylinder 2 pushes the group of angle skateboard 3 sets of angle skateboards to move forward while pushing the left and right punching rivet shafts 10 and 18, and the angle cutters 11 and 17 on the riveting shaft realize the 90 degree angle connection of aluminum doors and windows.

3.3 Structural Features

This machine is a new model developed on the basis of absorbing the advantages of similar foreign products. This machine adopts gas, electricity and liquid combined operation control. Due to the adoption of a new mechanical structure with interlocking wedges, the effects of oil pressure fluctuations on the quality of the grouping angle are eliminated, the grouping angle is completely synchronized, the grouping angle depth is more consistent, and the 90 degree angle formation is more accurate. In addition, the front and rear positioning are adjustable up and down, and the front and rear distance adjustable positioning device is suitable for processing profiles of different cross-sectional shapes and sizes. Adjustable delay control brings convenience to operators of different skill levels.

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