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Aluminiu profiles crimping machine
May 12, 2018

Pluck machine offers single head corner crimping machine, cnc four head corner crimping machine and multi-station corner crimper machine, our most popular one is single head windows corner crimping machine LZJ-120, its 2.2 kw hydraulic unit, we still have larger hydraulic station, its 3KW, and both of these two machines have automatic up and down function, which is easy to take out corner connectors. and both machines are very suitable for newly established factories, all window door factories need such machines, generally a newly factory will buy one unit double head cutting saw and 2 units corner crimping machine to start its business, then after developing gradually, factory will buy more advanced machines, such as aluminum profile cnc milling machine, window door punching machine, copy router, bending machine, end milling machine, aluminum cutting machining centre.

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