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adjustment points for Aluminium machines
Apr 16, 2018

In the urban life, high-rise buildings continue to emerge, and the range of applications for high-quality heat-insulating broken doors and windows is also continuously expanding. Relatively speaking, the frequency of aluminum doors and windows used in broken bridges is even higher than that of plastic-steel door and window equipment and ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows. For many of my friends, I just saw broken aluminum doors and windows equipment before I bought equipment, and I didn't really use it. Today, Xiao Bian briefly introduced some points that we should pay attention to when installing and debugging broken aluminum windows and doors.

First, electricity. As the broken bridge aluminum doors and windows equipment commonly used voltage 380V, so everyone must pay attention to the connection of the fire line and the zero line when wiring. In general, the window and door equipment manufacturers will make a wink, the fire line is black or blue, and the neutral line is red (all factories are based on their own situation). If the FireWire is reversed, you can simply swap the two ends of the FireWire.

Second, the source of gas. Because the pressure of the broken aluminum windows and doors is compressed by the cylinder, ensuring sufficient supply of air is a prerequisite for the efficient use of the equipment. If the air pressure is not reached, the saw blade of the double-headed cutting saw will be affected and the machining effect will be affected accordingly. In general, a broken aluminum window and door apparatus must ensure that the air pressure can reach 8 pressures, and the air supply flow can reach 0.3. If there are too many equipments, it is not enough to rely solely on air pumps. It is necessary to prepare one or two air tanks.

Third, equipment. Due to the large number of broken aluminum doors and windows equipment, each device may have several machines. The inspection of door and window equipment is particularly important, such as the cutting plug's tracheal plug, saw blade speed, sawing head left and right working status, and so on.

We must pay attention to the installation and commissioning of broken aluminum windows and doors in all aspects. If we keep every detail firmly in our hands, we will certainly be able to handle it handily.

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